5 Things a Dentist Should Look for in a Cosmetic Dental Lab

Dentists make many decisions, but choosing a cosmetic dental lab is one of the most important. According to statistics, almost 38% of a dental practice’s revenue comes from crowns, bridgework and other lab-created products, which makes lab selection very important. Below are several tips on choosing the best dental lab for any practice.


Dentists should choose a lab with a commitment to quality. During the selection process, the dentist should find out whether a particular lab is certified in dental lab technology. The National Association of Dental Laboratories seeks to improve lab technology through certification and testing of labs and staff. Finally, it’s important to verify whether the lab uses FDA-approved materials; dentists can do this by requesting product samples.


While samples are important, they’re not the only variable to consider when choosing a dental lab. The dentist should know whether the lab can deliver quality products on time. Quality control processes and turnaround time are important as well, to ensure consistently accurate prescriptions for patients.

Customer Support and Service

Although dentists spend a lot of time near the chair, it’s important for them to take the time to address patients’ concerns. Dentists should choose labs that view customer service in the same way. Transparency and reliability are important, especially when a patient’s case needs additional attention and time.

Continuing Education

The dental technology industry is dynamic, and techniques change quickly. Therefore, a successful lab tech should understand that his or her education doesn’t conclude when they receive a diploma. Good techs constantly evolve and learn, and the ideal dental lab should offer educational classes, tech tips and info that makes it easier for the techs to do their jobs.

Shared Values

Dental practices are about quality rather than quantity, and dentists should choose labs that share the same values. A dental lab’s reputation should be a big part of the equation during the selection process. Colleague referrals are a great place to start when searching for a lab that provides good communication and top-quality work.

When a dentist has a solid relationship with a dental lab, that relationship can carry them through tight deadlines and give them an edge over the competition. Business relationships are like any other relationship; maintenance requires effort, and mutual benefit is important. By following the tips above, a dentist can choose the right lab and establish a mutually beneficial relationship.

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